Other products and services

Dust collector cabinets, fume hoods, painting cabinets, and air filtration units.

In addition to abrasive and shot blasting cabinets, Blastjet Oy manufactures other products for the most challenging needs in the industry. Our product range includes, among other things, dust collector cabinets, fume hoods, painting cabinets, pneumatic supplies, and air filtration units.

We have manufactured dozens of dust collector cabinets for construction equipment rental facilities, where rented vacuums, etc. can be cleaned with pressurised air so that dust will not spread to the environment

We always offer our customers the best products that suit their particular needs. We invest in our product development!

We provide, among other things:

  • Dust collection cabinets

  • Fume hoods

  • Spray booths

  • Spray walls

  • Cabinets for chemical processing

  • Pneumatic equipment (couplings, valves, regulators, and cylinders)