Automation and customisation

Blastjet Oy designs and manufactures either fully or partially automated shot blasting and/or shot peening equipment for surface treating various objects. The automation degree depends on the number of objects to be handled. The equipment is designed and implemented in a customer-oriented way, considering the customer's needs and the volumes of the objects.

The applied technique can be based either on ejector or pressure vessel principles. The functions of the equipment and the blasting technique to be used are always adjusted for optimal performance in the customer's production. In many automation applications, a robot can also be used for replacing the object or for the blasting itself.

The profitability of an investment is often measured by the repayment period. Another significant factor is to make machines do the most cumbersome phases of the work. At best, the special devices we designed have paid themselves back in only a couple of weeks.

We have supplied various automated applications, for example, for the aviation industry for plastic grain blasting of aircraft parts. Aircraft parts, such as rims and landing gear, are very sensitive components which must be handled with utmost precision and care. In these kind of applications, robot operations have often proven appropriate. The manufacturing industry is also an important customer group for customised applications.

If you have parts which require cleaning, matt finishing, roughening or trimming, for example, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will see how we can help you!