Abrasive and shot blasting cabinets & equipment

We provide quality equipment for abrasive and shot blasting!

Blastjet Oy provides efficient, durable, and professional-grade blasting cabinets and equipment for abrasive blasting and shot blasting. Blast cabinets are well-suited, for example, for industrial and educational facilities (for instance, aviation, machine, metal, and automotive sector) uses.

Our product range includes:

  • BJ-E series: so-called bottom-suction ejector cabinets

  • BJ-EC series: cyclone separator ejector cabinets with an automatic filtration system

  • BJ-PC series: cyclone separator, pressure vessel function cabinets with an automatic filtration system Abrasive blasting cabinets with two blast settings and/or painting/abrasive blasting combination cabinets. Customer-specific automated / half-automated / manual applications.